Latest Site Updates

(2/1/17) - effective at midnight tonight all users will be required to be verified to Sell AND Buy. If you feel that you have been active enough on the site that this requirement should not apply to you as a buyer then feel free to send me a message at

(1/3/17) - Changes and updates coming to the site, effective on/about Jan 08, 17

- Several site upgrades and updates to increase site performance, navigation, and user-friendly options. 

- Regular Paypal payment is the default payment option on this website. ALL sellers must comply and allow for this type of payment. No seller will be allowed to REQUIRE buyers to submit payment by Venmo, Google Wallet or Paypal friends and family. Those options are available for convenience. However, this is an e-commerce site. The primary reason e-commerce has grown so significantly is the ease of use. Register, click, pay, then seller ships. That's the whole idea behind it. There is no need for several emails back and forth to figure out how to make payment. Sellers should be able to bid and buy with ease. You are making 4 to 10 to 25 times the original price and you want to harp over 3% fees? 

- I have built an escrow payment option wherein the buyer sends payment to admin to hold until product is confirmed delivered. All new sellers will be required to utilize this escrow option for their first 10 sales. This will provide additional security for buyers. I am still tweaking some of the code to make the whole process more fluid. In the interim, buyers can send an escrow payment to and reference the site invoice #. I will notify the seller of payment and the rest of the transaction will flow as normal. Expect for the fully functional escrow option to be live by the end of the week (1/8/17).

- All sellers will be required to maintain a positive account balance. Accounts will be suspended below $0.01 balance. 

- All users will be required to verify their accounts. I will change the verification fee to $5 from $10 when this becomes active. 

- Non-payment from buyers will result in a $5 penalty, removed from account balance. This will result in account suspension. In order to reinstate account, users will need to pay another $5 to activate their account. There is a growing issue with buyers not following through with payment on their purchases. 

(11/27/16) - The Paypal issue and site cache/performance was resolved effective about 11/20. With the holiday I am late to post this notification. If you see any issues with PayPal please contact me right away as your problem is most likely not related. 

There will be some site improvements/modifications coming through the end of the year. Some are cosmetic, some are functional, and some determine the way users access the site. I will be implementing measures to streamline transactions and seek to eliminate the non-paying issues as well as increased vetting of incoming new users. More details to come.

(11/13/16) - The site has been having cache issues. This was the start of the issue with the Paypal linkage and display of PayPal addresses on site invoices. Some, not all, users are experiencing issues with the 'make payment' link being inactive. Now, the fix yesterday for that problem has led to a larger issue of file cache which has now led to the decreased performance you are experiencing today. We are actively working to resolve the issue. To deal with the PayPal problem I have temporarily removed the email filter block so that sellers can communicate their payment addresses without delays. Please don't hesitate to contact me to help resolve any issues caused by the current site performance. 

(9/12/16) - Hallelujah, Hotmail is fixed! No one should have anymore issues with delivery of messages anymore. Hotmail/MSN has been such a huge PITA, but we finally got it right. Sincere apologies for the delayed resolution on this issue.

(9/9/16 update) - all seller information has been removed from site invoices. We are in the process of adding the seller paypal address back to the invoice. In the interim, buyers can still make payment via the direct 'make payment' link, as always.

- At the request of numerous users we have modified the auctions on the site to allow for a 5 minute popcorn. Bids placed within the final minutes will extend an auction expiration time to 5 minutes.

(9/8/16) - Private messaging is back. All private messages are subject to admin approval. Messages are approved routinely so should not be a significant disruption to users. Any messaging attempting to conduct transactions off-site will not be delivered. 

Some further clarification on PMs - Private messages communicating payment details and/or personal contact details will be delayed and/or deleted. If you wish to purchase item seller is advised to list the item for sale. If an agreed upon price seller can list item at higher price and allow offers on item at agreed upon price. If you are attempting to communicate payment details following a legitimate sale, buyer/seller are advised to utilize the message board as that function is directly linked to sales and not subject to admin approval. By default, seller paypal email address is displayed on the site item invoice. Messages communicating phone # or email address will be significant'y delayed and edited to remove personal contact information. 

- Sellers have raised concern over protection of their information. Within 48 hours the only seller information available to buyers prior to payment will be the Paypal email of the seller. This should help protect from people who have nothing better to do than trying to out sellers to breweries.